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Cargo transportation

International transportation company "Trans-Agent" offers the following services in the field of shipping:
  • Trucking
  • Air freight
  • Rail transportation
  • Maritime freight
  • Container transportation

We conclude the treaty on permanent freight forwarding services.

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When any of the entrepreneurs, business organizations or individuals faced with the need to carry goods or order his delivery, it seems that we are talking about a very simple type of call on the phone, a small contract, or even on any difficult and waste activities. You need only pay for the order and quietly wait for his execution. It was that the freight - is a complex and painstaking job that requires experience, knowledge of legislation and regulatory documents, entrepreneurship and ability to find the right solution for contingency situations. Such situations arise almost always because the transport system Russia has no clear hierarchy, and each site transportation decision makers are waiting for unpleasant surprises.

Contract signed, the organization get the most profitable customer traffic routes, agreed to all documents for shipment to the customs authorities, seemingly, even necessary? Only representatives of transport logistics are aware that vehicles can be easily damaged in the most inopportune time, the place where goods are stored should be employed, the Customs has the habit of unjustified inspections to properly documentations. A cargo at all was to be delivered on time and it was for a price specified in the contract!

The ability to get all the situations that may arise in transit goods, including air, rail, sea and multimodal transport, as well as the transport by road, is the main indicator of professionalism of companies organize and control the delivery of any goods. Logistics company «Trans-Agent» primarily expect the best ways to transport goods, that is, observe the rule - the most rapid delivery at minimal cost. Ten years of work without significant claims and complaints from customers - this is the best performance.

Transportation company «Trans-Agent» contracts with entities to fulfill orders for all types of cargo in all directions.

Международные грузоперевозки являются приоритетным видом наших услуг.

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